Diazinon Phased Out of the Marketplace

The last day retailers can sell diazinon was December 31, 2004.

Diazinon was used on lawns and around homes, and posed little risk if used with proper precautions and according to manufacturers recommendations. However, it is one of a class of pesticides known as organophosphates that can affect the human nervous system and the environment. Diazinon also accumulates in the environment, and is commonly found in air, rain and surface water.

EPA and the manufacturers of the product agreed that indoor use of the pesticide ended in December 2002. Outdoor use on lawns, gardens and turf will ended in December 2004.

This phase-out of Diazinon was conducted under a 1996 law calling for stricter pesticide controls. In the ensuing years, several different pesticides have been banned from use, especially because of the risk they pose to children.