How much water do you really need to keep your lawn looking good?

New study sheds light on water use in grass.

In the April 2002 magazine for turf care professionals, TURF, there is a new study by Patrick White that sheds new light on water usage by grass. In White's article he describes the 3 year long study conducted by New Mexico State University Agricultural specialist Dan Smeal and Jan Tomko. Their goal was to see how little water specific grasses need to not only exist, but remain presentable.

In the experiment, Smeal and Tomko took soil measurements every 10 days during the growing season of some test plots of various grass varieties. Independent judges monitored and evaluated the results throughout the growing season making note of various factors such as color, density, uniformity, incidence of disease and blade texture.

This study sheds light on just how little water is required to keep grass looking good for different varieties of grass.