Bentgrass Dead Spot

Originally identified on creeping bentgrass, it has now been seen on bermudagrass. Bentgrass Dead Spot is a root pathogen similar to necrotic ring spot. It is caused by the fungal pathogen Ophiosphaerella agrostis. Symptoms appear as small reddish-brown or copper-colored spots about 1/2" in diameter that can extend out to 3" - 4" in diameter.

Bentgrass Dead Spot Disease

As the disease progresses, the center of the spots become tan while the leaves on the outer edge of the circle turn reddish-brown.

Bentgrass Dead Spot has been found as far south as Florida and as far north as Michigan and along the Mid-Atlantic states. It is usually found on newly constructed golf course greens with a sand-base. Dead spot disease has not been found on turf growing in native soils.