Annual Bluegrass

Bermuda Grass

Bermuda grass (also called Devigrass, wiregrass) is a perennial, fine textured "creeping grass" that grows and spreads rapidly via rhizomes and stolons during warm summer months in cool season areas of the country.

Getting Rid of It:

Due to its rapid and sometimes widespread growth during warm months, Bermuda can quickly take over cool-season grasses while dormant. Herbicides are usually not as effective as simply hand-picking these weeds before they grow out of control.

Non-selective herbicides

However, the other extreme is to apply fluazifopbutyl or glyphosate to kill all of the grass, then reseed over it. This is only suggested if you plan on replanting or renovating your lawn afterwards.

Grass-Selective Herbicides

These herbicides include the active ingredient sethoxydim (Grass Getter), fluazifop (Fusilade, Ornamec, and Grass-B-Gon), or clethodim (Envoy). Fusilade and Envoy are only available for sale to licensed pesticide applicators, the others are sold in most retail garden outlets. This is not a complete list of all retail products; look for similar herbicides with the same active ingredient.