Buckhorn Plantain Illustration

Buckhorn Plantain

Buckhorn plantain forms a spreading or upright basal rosette of narrowly oval leaves that grow above a deep taproot with lateral branches. Leaves of buckhorn plantains are sometimes twisted and curled, narrowly oval, dark green, and up to 1-1/2" wide and 8" long. The tips are sharp and the veins are prominent.

Buckhorn plantain forms many small flowers that are tightly clustered at the ends of long stems. The inflorescences resemble a bullet. The flower stalks are 6" - 30" tall and the flowers occur during May to October.

Buckhorn Plantain Seedhead Photo


To control plantain without chemicals, maintain turf density and health through proper culture, especially fertilization. Maintaining an appropriate soil pH and mowing at the recommended height, and watering properly also help discourage the growth of plantain.

Postemergence herbicides are available depending on the kind of turfgrass in your lawn. Optimum timing of postemergence herbicides is mid-autumn.