Dollarweed (pennywort)

A broadleaf weed that is often found in areas that frequently wet.

Dollarweed is a broadleaf weed that appears in wet areas in the landscape. Dollarweed grows low to the ground and has a single round leaf per stalk. If you've ever handled a silver dollar, that's about the size a mature dollarweed leaf although a really mature dollarweed plant. They have a look similar to a miniature lily pad. The stem attaches in the middle of the leaf which has a shiny sides. It grows up to 5" in height.

Overwatering is the primary environmental factor for dollarweed to start showing up. Adjusting irrigation practices or improve drainage in the area will go a long way in controlling this weed. Besides using either selective or non-selective herbicides to control this weed, it can also be hand-pulled as long as all of the white rhizomes are removed.

For those inclined, dollar weed is also edible and tastes a bit like parsely.