Arizona's Major Cities:

  • Phoenix

  • Tucson

  • Flagstaff

  • Prescott

  • Kingman

  • Casa Grande

Arizona Lawns

Because of Arizona's climate and topography, lawns are typically limited to irrigated installations or artificial turf. Grass is not a natural plant in Arizona and plenty of thought should be given before installing a grass lawn in some areas of the state. Consider various forms of xeriscaping.

In the lower elevations of Arizona, (below 3500 feet) Warm Season grasses can be used and over seeded with ryegrass in the fall and winter. For lawns above 6000 feet, Cool Season grasses can be used. Between these elevations 3500 - 6000, the climate is considered a Transition Zone.

Recommended Warm Season Grasses

Recommended Cool Season Grasses

If you plan on planting grass seed, do it in June! Don't wait till July. The sooner the better.

Invasive Turfgrass Weeds


Professional lawn care associations: Arizona does not have a lawn care association.