American Grass

Delaware's Major Cities:

  • Wilmington

  • Dover

  • Milford

  • Seaford

  • Smyrna

Delaware Lawns

Delaware is located in the Transitional Zone for types of turfgrasses to be grown in the state. That means that some Cool-Season grasses and some Warm-Season grasses can be grown. Zoysia is an excellent grass for here.

Common lawn pests found in Delaware:

  • Ants

  • Bagworms

  • Grubs

  • Gypsy Moths

Common lawn diseases:

Promoting healthy growth and avoiding conditions that cause stress to your turfgrass is the best way to prevent a severe disease outbreak. Stressed lawns are an open invitation for a lawn disease to gain a foothold. Optimal maintenance practices are the best way of avoiding stressed turfgrass.

Even if a pathogen is present in the soil, infection will not occur unless the environmental conditions are conducive to disease development. Once turf diseases have become active, they can cause heavy damage if not treated properly. Here is a list of common diseases to Delaware lawns:

Professional lawn care organizations: Delaware Nursery and Landscape Association, University of Delaware Cooperative Extension, and the University of Delaware Soil Testing Program.