Major Cities:

  • New Orleans

  • Baton Rouge

  • Lafayette

  • Shreveport

  • Monroe

  • Alexandria

  • Lake Charles

Louisiana Lawns

Louisiana lawns are Warm Season grasses. Some of the best turfgrasses grown in Louisiana include:

  • Common Bermuda Grass

  • Hybrid Bermuda

  • Zoysia Grass

  • St. Augustine Grass

  • Centipede Grass

  • Carpet Grass

Louisiana lawn pests

Weeds, insects and fungal diseases are the main pests of turfgrass. Chemical control of these pests is often possible, but, in many instances, the use of chemicals on the home lawn may be unnecessary. If you follow proper fertilization, thatch control and mowing procedures, you should have a healthy, vigorous lawn. Such a turf is capable of withstanding most pests or recovering from any damage that occurs.

Lawn fertilization recommendations for Louisiana homeowners

The best approach to turfgrass fertilization is to have a soil test made of your. You may have the Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service test your soil sample for the major soil fertility factors.

Fertilize with phosphorus, potassium and lime as indicated by the test results. Once these nutrients are brought to their ideal level (preferably at time of establishment), grass growth can be controlled with nitrogen fertilizers.

A September application is needed most on sandy soils and may be helpful on any soil in preparing the grass for winter. Applying potash in the fall is particularly advised when high rates of nitrogen have been used.

Overseeding Louisiana lawns in the fall

Warm-season grasses can be overseeded in October or November with about 10 pounds of rye grass seed per 1,000 square feet for a green winter lawn. The rye will benefit from one or two light applications of nitrogen throughout the winter. Heavy nitrogen applications in the fall will cause excessive winter kill of your permanent turf, especially if there is a cold winter or if a sudden hard freeze follows a period of mild weather. Consider the earliest topdressing of overseeded rye about Thanksgiving in north Louisiana (mid December in south). About 7 weeks later, the second topdressing can be applied if desired.