American Grass

Midwest States

Includes: Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin

Midwest covers all the states starting with Ohio and going as far west as Illinois and north to the boarder with Canada. While these guides are general in nature, they do provide some specific information about the general conditions found in each state. In some areas soils vary greatly from area to area and residents with specific problems would be best served if they contacted a local professional lawn care provider that has experience with soil conditions, as well as lawn diseases common to the area.

These states are where cool season grasses grow best. The summer months are usually warm and sometimes hot. They typically get plenty of rainfall during the summer months. Winters are typically cold, but with the cool season grasses will stay green until the temperatures drop down below freezing for extended periods.

Warm season grasses do not grow well in these areas, nor does transitional grasses such as zoysia.