American Grass

Minnesota's Major Cities:

  • Minneapolis

  • Rochester

  • St. Cloud

  • Mankato

  • Willman

  • Duluth

Minnesota Lawns

Home lawn care information is provided by the University of Minnesota and the University of Minnesota Extension Service, to serve residents of Minnesota and other temperate regions where cool-season grasses prevail. Best management practices and recommendations are based on University research, Minnesota's climate, growing season, and other site-specific conditions such as soil type, soil pH, etc.

Researchers at the University of Minnesota Turfgrass Research, Outreach and Education (TROE) Center are experimenting with native grasses, developing programs to reduce or eliminate off-target movement of pesticides and fertilizers and evaluating new technologies to conserve water. The long term goal is to develop environmentally responsible turfgrass cultural systems.

Most home lawns in Minnesota are composed primarily of Kentucky bluegrass and fine fescue.

Common insect pests for Minnesota homeowners:

Professional Lawn / Turfgrass Associations of Minnesota:

Minnesota Turf and Grounds Foundation