American Grass

North Dakota's
Major Cities:

  • Bismarck

  • Fargo

  • Grand Forks

North Dakota Lawns

At present, these are the standard lawn grasses that have had success growing in North Dakota:

Common lawn diseases found on North Dakota lawns

Promoting healthy growth and avoiding conditions that cause stress to your turfgrass is the best way to prevent a severe disease outbreak. Stressed lawns are an open invitation for a lawn disease to gain a foothold. Optimal maintenance practices are the best way of avoiding stressed turfgrass.

Even if a pathogen is present in the soil, infection will not occur unless the environmental conditions are conducive to disease development. Once turf diseases have become active, they can cause heavy damage if not treated properly. Here is a list of common diseases to North Dakota lawns:

North Dakota lawn research project

A turfgrass research project was recently started in North Dakota by the North Dakota State University. The objective of this extensive study is to learn about the environmental conditions that exist in North Dakota as it affects various turfgrass varieties and species. The scope of the study, which began in late 2009 is expected to run through 2014.

The North Dakota climate creates an extremely stressful environment in which to grow any variety of turfgrass. Through a series of trials, the study is going to evaluate those turfgrasses that can tolerate the freezing, drought and saline conditions common to North Dakota.

Professional lawn care organizations: North Central Turf Grass Association