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New Jersey Lawncare

New Jersey is located in the Transitional Zone for types of turfgrasses to be grown in the state. That means that some Cool-Season grasses and some Warm-Season grasses can be grown. Zoysia is an excellent grass for here.

Popular Turfgrasses for New Jersey:

Common insect pests found in New Jersey

New Jersey lawns are home to a variety of turfgrass insects, few that are harmful, but many more are beneficial. A healthy lawn can tolerate some feeding by harmful insects, but when the number of these harmful pests reach a critical threshold, the turfgrass can be damaged to such an extent that repair will be necessary . The open spaces the pests create in turf can be ugly, vulnerable to erosion, and invaded by weeds.

Those insects that are most likely to cause damage in New York lawns include the following:

Professiona Turfgrass Organizations in New Jersey: New Jersey Turfgrass Association , Rutgers Center for Turgrass Science , New Jersey Landscape Contractors Association, New Jersey Cooperative Extension County Offices.