American Grass

West Virginia's
Major Cities:

  • Huntington

  • Charleston

  • Morgantown

West Virginia Lawns

West Virginia lies in the Transitional Zone and in some areas Cool Season Grasses perform better than Warm Season. In other areas, just the opposite is true.

West Virginia Problem Weeds

The presence of weeds in turfgrass does not always require the use of herbicides. In areas that contain sensitive plants, it may be better to avoid the use of herbicides than to risk injury. In some locations, any kind of plant cover may be better than dead plants or bare ground. Granular formulations are effective for pre emergence herbicides while sprays are preferred for post emergence control where foliar coverage is needed.

Common Turf Diseases in West Virginia Lawns

Disease-producing organisms in turfgrasses can be minimized, and, in some cases, controlled through good management practices. When a symptom first appears, preventive fungicides should be applied immediately. After an infection has occurred, preventive fungicides can be used to protect against future infection.

Preventive fungicide maybe used when the location has a history of turfgrass disease. However, routine use of fungicides can prevent disease outbreaks in turfgrass, but is an expensive and potentially harmful practice.

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