Transition Zone Grasses


Tansition Zone Grasses

Transitional Zone grasses are either Warm Season or Cool Season grasses. In general, lawns in the Transition Zone see more success with cool-season grasses over the warm season varieties. Additional factors such as altitude, the amount of sun or shade, the amount of foot traffic and availability of water may affect the success of a turfgrass variety.

Sometimes there are specific mixtures of different types of grasses.  Within the transition zone, no one type of grass will do well in all weather conditions (heat / cold).  This makes for a difficult situation where either more intensive maintenance of a cool season grass is required, or the use of a summer time warm season grass which goes dormant (and brown in color) in the cool days of fall & winter.

During the summer months, the cool season grasses decline due to the hot weather in Transition zones.  Planting one of the more "cold hardy" warm season grasses can help keep your lawn in shape and green through the summer.  Cool season grasses must be inter-seeded in these lawns to maintain a green appearance during spring and fall/winter seasons.