Zoysia Patch Lawn Disease

Rhizoctonia Large Patch (RLP) is a disease of zoysiagrass. RLP symptoms are normally evident in fall and spring, as zoysia grass enters and emerges from winter dormancy. Rapidly growing turf during the summer heat can mask the effects of an underlying infection and drastically diminish symptom expression.

Symptoms are seen on both dormant and actively growing zoysiagrass. Symptoms first start as small areas (around 12") where blades assume a tan orange. Patches can quickly expand into large patches 20' or so in diameter. There is no known resistance to Zoysia Patch Disease among the zoysia grasses, but some cultivars are more susceptible than others.

Cultural control options for managing RLP include maintaining a limited fertilizer program and adjusting summer irrigation schedules to avoid lengthening the duration of leaf wetness. In severe cases, a fungicide is the best control. Contact a local lawn care provider for more information on controlling Zoysia Patch.