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Burrweed / Spurweed

Burrweed / Spurweed is a low-growing cool season annual weed commonly found in coastal region turfgrasses in the south and anywhere warm season turfgrasses are commonly grown.

Burrweed comes up in the fall from seed deposited the previous spring. It grows slowly through winter, flowers and sets seed again in the spring, then dies as temperatures warm up in late spring.


Burrweed is easily identified by its low ferny-like foliage with sharp, spiny seed pods, which ripen in late spring. It is best treated in late winter and early spring. Once temperatures warm, it will be too late to control the plant from setting out seeds that will emerge again next winter.

Controlling Burrweed

Selective herbicides can be applied in the fall (October through November) and early spring (February through March) to kill these weeds when they are still small and actively growing. Look for a herbicide containing the active ingredient atrazine or a combination of the active ingredients 2,4-D, mecoprop and dicamba.